"...But please, there's just one more thing, one more miracle, Sherlock, for me, don't be...dead. Would you do that just for me? Just stop it. Stop this..."

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Sexiest man alive accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (x,x)


Tom Hiddleston gets prepped to film scenes for ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 22, 2014 x

James McAvoy - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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There’s so much more to you than you know, not just pain and anger. There’s good in you too, and you can harness all that. You have a power that no one can match, not even me.

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how i deal with my feelings

  • never talk about them
  • barely acknowledge them
  • hope they go away
  • i don’t, basically
  • that’s what i’m saying
  • i do not deal with my feelings